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Pica-Pod lets you mount, tether and power all your devices. Never have to choose again.

Pica-Pod is compatible with existing Gimbal systems!

Super Compact and Travel Friendly! Watch the video to see how simple is to store the Mini Tripod away.

Pica-Gear on skis - Check out some fun ways to use the Pica-Pod!


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Don't miss the chance of getting your pica-pod - New stock finally available !

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Get Creative! 

  • Limitless potential 

  • Mount any combination of  Digital Devices and accessories 

  • Adapt to any situation for both Videography and Photography 




  • Military grade Picatinny mounting solution
  • Tri-Rails Picatinny design offering 3 ways mounting possibilities – Compatible with all Picatinny clamp devices
  • Storable miniature Tripod with anti-slip rubber feet
  • Quarter inch-20 UNC compatible screw thread on the end cap interface with any quarter inch compatible accessories
  • Rounded C-Clamps for additional gear attachment
  • High strength Aluminium 6061 body with anodized finishing
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Laser etching graphics application
  • Range of color application
  • Load capacity up to 5kg
  • Light weight: 0.35kg
  • Length: 137mm

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Testimonials and Endorsements

PICA-GEAR went on a field test of his Pica-Pod with a Gimbal mounted on - Some pretty great results to check out here! Steady shots with a super functional and customizable platform, allowing you to add power back up for extended shooting time, extra handles for stability, tethered action cam & phone screen to display extra precision...
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