Pica-Pod Competition is ON from 1st to 15th of July - Get ready!


Submit your Best Setup Pictures, along with the Photograph you shot with this Setup, for a chance to win Pica-Pod accessories!

The 5 most creative gear arrangements on your Pica-Pod (That could be anything from your camera to BB Gun handles!) will be awarded FREE PICA-POD ACCESSORIES, ranging from Ball Heads, Steady handles, Tablet Clamps, GoPro Cases...! 

PICA-GEAR Pica-Pod competition July 2017 best adaptive mini tripod

Send us your pictures at info@pica-gear.com to get a chance to win FREE accessories.

All participants will receive a promo code to get discounts on our e-shop, and more! Contact us for more info

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Lightweight and versatile - Ultimate Action cam handle!

The Pica-Grip is a very lightweight and portable setup, allowing you to mount together your gear in a Super compact way.

PIca-Gear Pica-Grip ultimate action cam handle gear organizer

3 x 1/4" Screw points let you attach several accessories, and built up a versatile and complete setup. Let your imagination do the rest!

Pica-gear Pica-Grip best action cam handle gear organizer - lightweight and compact
Pica-gear Pica-Grip best action cam handle gear organizer - lightweight and compact

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Hands-free setup, lets you focus on the rest

Use a Powerbank to extend your shooting time, meanwhile you can focus on taking solo portrait and close ups

_MJ18928 copy.jpg

Add a Steady handle to your Setup to facilitate an effortless pick-up and relocation of your setup. Equipped with 1/4" screw, you can even add accessories to it

Pica-gear Pica-Pod steady handle DSLR
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Mounted a Gimbal on top of the Pica-Pod for a day at the Skatepark - Cool results and super functional platform!

PICA-GEAR went on a field test and bumped into Jason Shen the other day while testing our latest setup featuring a Gimbal mounted on the Pica-Pod. 

Some pretty great results to check out here!

Steady shots with a super functional and customizable platform, allowing you to add power back up for extended shooting time, extra handles for stability, tethered action cam & phone screen to display extra precision... And so on!

Awesome performance & Thanks again for the great demo